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Introducing all people 1st

Let’s network

There are 100’s of Self-Advocacy groups across the country.

Speaking up forums, storytellers groups and friendship clubs.

There are many support groups provided by national organisations like MENCAP gateway clubs, NAS advocacy groups.

Every organisation does a fantastic job for their members and all have really good websites packed with information and celebrating great things happening in their area.

But until now there hasn’t been a way that all of these different groups could talk to each other.

Our community network platform is a safe way to link self-advocates together

  • Encrypted for security https//
  • An administered site that verifies applicants to ensure all those who register are genuine group members

For further information about how your group can utilise the network or questions about registering your group and its members on our platform call Rachel Mason 07811 491153 email

Things to know

Our main objective is to enable every Self-Advocacy group across the country to find each other, share ideas and tell each other about their great projects.

Every group, Self-advocate club or forum keeps their individuality and Identity on the platform, as this is what makes you all unique.

There will be NO AFFILIATION or conformity - just a shared commitment to improve the lives of people with a learning disability.

Often it is difficult to get a lone voice heard in their own local area, let alone be heard nationally.

This platform can provide a vehicle to collate your voice and give the overwhelming evidence to those making the decisions about your future.

Share ideas

Self-Advocacy groups across the country have achieved some amazing things, but we are really poor at celebrating each other’s success and sharing the ideas

Here are some examples of successful projects designed by self-advocates. Wouldn’t it be great to tell others about yours?

  • ICE cards
  • Help (Safe) places schemes
  • Changing places campaigns
  • Storytellers
  • Stay up late campaign
  • Quality checker schemes
  • Djing project
  • Friendship clubs
  • Peer mentoring
  • Time banking – skills exchange project
  • Employment job clubs

A collective voice

We want to get a genuine collective voice by pulling together information about ‘what’s working/ what’s not working from all of the self-advocacy groups and clubs across the country:-

  • Funding for your local group
  • Progress with personalisation and access to direct payments
  • Investment in local community coordinators/way finders
  • Alternatives being offered to traditional day services
  • Information and advice on assistive technology solutions
  • Secure networks and opportunities to connect with your community

The interactive forums on this platform allow individual groups to canvass their own members privately.

We can also consult across all the different self-advocate organisations on the platform on local issues that affect you such as housing, transport and continuing Education as adults. National issues such as the benefit reforms, the care bill and the spare room tax.

Campaigning is a crucial part of all local groups, but being able to evidence to your local authority that your issue is being addressed by other local authorities, can make a huge difference!

Just imagine…..


  • Securely networking between advocacy organisation members
  • Share your events – Local, Regional, National and International
  • Share your ideas and successful projects and campaigns
  • Consultation tools/forums
  • How to start a Self-Advocacy group
  • Capacity building advice
  • Grants and opportunities
  • Fund raising tips
  • Bid writing tips
  • Campaigning tips
  • Updates on local and government news and policy


  • Social networking tools - friendship wall, Instant chat, secure messaging [text, audio and video]
  • Find a friend, find your local advocacy group
  • Find local activities to do
  • Find someone to go with - pool budget
  • Organising your daily life - daily diary, calendar
  • Person centred care plan tools - mapping your support needs –
    My goals and aspirations - interactive files*. Collecting evidence* I’m achieving the life I want
  • Secure Circle of Support online Hub for all the Important people, professionals and services around you

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